Lady Gaga Can Orgasm Without Touch—And So Can You

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Lady Gaga has quite the imagination, but her ability to orgasm without touch is totally real.

In a revealing feature in New York Magazine, Lady Gaga mentioned that her talents... ahem, extend past music.

Some of you may have missed it while skimming the lengthy piece, but burried amongst various other Gaga gems lies an especially interesting nugget about orgasms. She explains to the author that acting classes she took during her youth helped her to fine-tune her imagination. From drinking out of an imaginary coffee cup, to thinking herself to an orgasm. The Hands-Free Orgasm

I don’t know if this is too much for your magazine, but I can actually mentally give myself an orgasm. You know, sense memory is quite powerful.

Say WHAT?!

After rereading this, and then failing miserably to avoid a mental image, we realized that this surprised us just a little bit. Yes, even from the often-shocking, but always-entertaining pop phenom who makes a living out of pushing boundaries.

But it also impressed us. People were too busy making Lady Gaga jokes to recognize that her statement was actually quite profound. She managed to convey what researchers and sex therapists have been trying to communicate for years: when it comes to sex, it's all in our heads.

From paralyzed men and women who can still experience orgasms, to people who report knee, hand, or nipple orgasms, the proof that the brain is the orgasm control center is piling up. 10 Surprising Orgasm Facts

Lady Gaga isn't crazy, and in this case at least, she's not entirely an anomoly. With a little bit (OK, maybe a lot) of practice, she managed to unlock one of the mind's greatests gifts.

As a rule, women are more likely to achieve a mental orgasm than men, and it's not totally unheard of either. Remember the dream you had about James Mcavoy that woke you up flushed and spasming?

But not everybody can do this on cue like Gaga seems to. But nobody would argue that she is a special case. Not many of us mere humans could ever hope to match her capacity for imagination.

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