Is He Husband Material?


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Love can be blind, so here are 7 questions to help you see if he's really husband material or not.

Relationships can be blinding. When you are truly in love, you want to overlook the other person's imperfections. However, it is vital that you don't ignore fatal flaws. If you two have been throwing around the topic of marriage more than just casually, there is a good chance you're blinders are up right now. And who would blame you? Definitely not us, but we think you owe it to yourself to ensure he's husband material. Trust us. It's much better to figure it out now rather than after you've walked down the aisle.

1. Does he manage his money well? Be honest with yourself. Does he always seem to be strapped for cash? Does he spend money on a flat screen when he's three months late on a car payment? If the answer is yes, is he willing to change his spending styles? 7 Signs He's Dating You For Your Money


2. What does he want and believe? If you can't answer this question then it's time to go back to the relationship drawing board. It is essential that your values align before you even consider marriage. It's great to have some differences, as those will keep things interesting. But still, your core beliefs about life and the direction you want yours to go should be similar. If you want kids, your man has to be on board. If your faith is important to you, he should value it, too. Major differences can translate to big problems down the road. Remember: people don't really change all that much. With men, what you see is what you'll get... five, ten years down the line.

3. How does he treat you in front of others? If you are almost totally forgotten when his boys enter the room or when you head out with him to a work party, then there's a problem. A guy who is husband material will find a way to balance his time and include you in the social aspects of his life. If not, then something is missing. 

4. How does he act when you two are alone? Likewise, if he ignores you when you're both at home, there is also an issue (this might seem silly, but it really does happen). He should be glad you are there with him, not get frustrated when you infringe upon his TV time or ask a quick question while he's working. Be cognizant if he constantly seems irritated by your actions. YourTango Expert Dr. John Grohol advises you evaluate your energy level when with your significant other: "Check out your physical, mental and emotional energy... Is this person mostly strengthening you, or mostly depleting you?" 2 Types Of Marriage That Make Women Happiest

5. How does he handle arguments? Is he going to fight with you at all costs to get what he wants, or is he willing to compromise so you both win? A good future husband should voice his opinion, but also want to make you happy and understand your point of view. And if there is a big blow up, he should feel upset and want to fix things. That's the most important piece of the puzzle.

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