10 Traits Of Undateable Men We'd Still Date


dating undateable men
Undateable, a book of undateable qualities in men, makes us think we women can be too judgmental.

The authors of Undateable—a compendium of 311 things men do, say or wear that renders them, well, undateable—interviewed "hundreds of smart, funny, normal women" in an effort to pin down the top red flags and deal breakers men can be guilty of. Flipping through, however, we began to wonder if the average woman was rendering herself undateable simply by being so judgy. 10 Dating Deal Breakers That Really Aren't

Don't get us wrong. The book is, indeed, filled with a number of unfortunate lifestyle choices that would definitely make us think twice before accepting a date. Wearing sunglasses indoors? They're right. Larry David did say it best. ("You know who wears sunglasses inside? Blind people and assholes.") And the use of the phrase "make love" totally makes us squirm. We also loathe "nasty guy talk"; the practice of rearranging one's junk in public; and texting, e-mailing or taking personal calls while on a date. But this books makes us long for that middle ground between settling for Mr. Good Enough and blindly rejecting anyone who's not Mr. Perfect. How To Fall In Love With Mr. Good Enough


Some items we couldn't believe made it into the book?

1. Body piercings, multiple tattoos and faux hawks. Some of us have a soft spot for this look. Lip ring? Super-sexy. The bottom line? Spray tans are never* OK, but judging wardrobe/facial hair/body modification choices is incredibly subjective.

2. Sleeping masks. This Love Buzzer teases her husband for wearing a sleep mask (which she bought for him, by the way), but these things can be a godsend for couples who struggle with clashing sleep schedules. Likewise, wireless headphones are totally dorky but also totally useful.

3. Owning a cat. Some of us are sick to death of the cat lady stereotype. Cats are smooshy and adorable and owning one can be endearing, especially as it provides just a little bit of proof that the owner is capable of taking care of a living thing. Can A Cat Lover Date A Dog Guy?

4. Playing Dungeons and Dragons and/or WoW. We thought that everyone had come to a sort of geek-is-chic consensus. Right...?

5. Owning porn. While we don't love staring at that Penthouse centerfold when we use his bathroom, we also don't automatically think "perv" just because he enjoys porn. Sometimes, we enjoy porn, too!

6. Preferring BYOB restaurants. BYOB restaurants are fun and thrifty! We suggest going to a wine, beer or sake tasting beforehand, picking up your favorite bottle and bringing it to dinner as a nice twist on the typical dinner date.

7. Being a serious singer. Hey! There are some of us here who find singing ability incredibly sexy. And in general, talent = impressive.

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