5 Unique Wedding Invitations We Love


unique wedding invitations
A Super Mario-inspired wedding invitation plus other awesome and unique wedding invitations.

This past January, Jeff and Erin Wong dazzled the Internet with their epic video wedding invite, which featured the couple in just about every blockbuster movie stereotype. The 7 Most Outrageous Wedding Stunts

We thought that was pretty cool until we saw "Darino and Niko's Incredible Adventure," an 8-bit video game where invitees can play as either the bride or the groom to receive details about the wedding. Here's a clip from their Mario/Donkey Kong-inspired creation: 


Pretty neat, huh? You can view another clip and download the game itself over at Switched. We can only imagine what kind of cute and geeky antics this couple will play on their game day, er, wedding day.

We knew that Jeff and Erin, and Niko and Darina couldn't be the only creative couples out there though. After doing a little Internet sleuthing, we found four other cool, borderline nerdy wedding invites that we thought you'd enjoy or be inspired by: 6 Never-Been-Done Destination Weddings

1. Picture perfect. In what could only have been a lovingly painstaking endeavor, the groom-to-be, Corey McKenna, created this charming stop-motion wedding invite starring clothes and construction paper cutouts, among other things. 2010's Most Questionable Wedding Trends

2. Childhood Throwback. There's no video for this one, but graphic design couple Julia and Bobby mailed out Viewmasters homemade, personalized 3-D images! In an interview with Offbeat Bride, Julia said that she and Bobby wanted to give their guests something special to remember them by even if they couldn't be at the wedding itself. You can see photos of the invitations and read how the bride and groom created them here.

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