The 7 Most Outrageous Wedding Stunts


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Jeff and Erin's wedding invite viral video lives comfortably among 7 other quirky wedding videos.

Jeff and Erin's extravagantly geeky wedding invite has sent the Internet into a frenzy of "awwws" and proclamations of "EPIC WIN." Snail mail invites weren't a glimmer in this couple's eye; instead, they crafted a parody trailer that had them starring in every movie trope and genre imaginable. Their wedding trailer was such a hit that The Early Show joked that it would make Steven Spielberg jealous. We can only hope they do (and document) their wedding in equally epic style. In the meantime, we've compiled videos of some of our favorite wedding stunts for you to enjoy. Wedding Songs for Every Genre

1. Hello Kitty-Themed Wedding

Is this the ultimate test of manhood or what? This bride, who runs the Hello Kitty Museum in Germany, took cutesy-ness to a new level when she got married at the Hello Kitty Puroland Theme Park in Tokyo. If you look closely at her Flickr photo set, you'll notice that the top of her dress is shaped like Hello Kitty's head. [via Offbeat Bride]


2. Wedding toast turns into a full-blown musical number

In this video, what presumably started out as an average best man toast becomes an elaborate song-and-dance tribute to the bride. [via Urlesque]

Best Wedding Toast Ever!!!! (Amy's Song) - The best free videos are right here

3. Star Wars Wedding

Given the zeal of the Star Wars fandom, we're not surprised that a couple of die-hard devotees decided to tie the knot dressed like Queen Amidala and Darth Vader. Even more impressively, the wedding parties decked out in cosmic costumes to match the theme. How does one go about asking your groomsmen to dress like Jedi Knights? Nerd Proposes Through Video Game

4. Weightless Wedding

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