Single Life: 7 Ways To Stay Positive About Dating


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Dating got you down? How to stay positive about the single life.

Over the past year I went on many dozens of dates with dozens of men and what did I get for all of my efforts? Nada. Sure, I had some fun—lots of nights out for drinks and a few great dinners. Single life does have its upside. But here I am, over twelve months later, and I'm not one step closer to being in a relationship.

Not that I'm throwing in the towel—just the opposite. In fact, tonight I'm meeting a friend out for drinks, and our plan is to flirt our way through downtown Manhattan (or at least a bar or two). And I just updated my online dating profile, again. I had a year of bad luck, so what? 


I'm often reminded of the old joke that Woody Allen tells in Annie Hall: "This guy goes to a psychiatrist and says, 'Doc, my brother's crazy. He thinks he's a chicken,' and the doctor says, 'Well, why don't you turn him in?' And the guy says, 'I would, but I need the eggs.'"

That's kind of how it is with me and dating. Sometimes I'm absolutely certain that going out again and again is crazy, not to mention time-consuming, stressful, frustrating, humiliating and expensive (all those mani-pedis!). But I keep doing it, date after date after date, because I haven't stopped hoping that the next great love of my life is just one date away.

I guess I need the eggs.

By now I have probably been on more dates than 99.5 percent of the earth's population (and, oh how I wish I were joking) so I've learned a little something about it, including how to stay positive, even when it seems like your last good date was six months and/or a few dozen romantic dinners ago. Here are seven ways to stay upbeat in the face of dating dreariness.

1. Be picky. Nothing makes dating more tedious than going out with guys who you're probably not going to like. Sure it's good to have an open mind, but lower your standards too much and you'll end up with night after night of bad dates.

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