The Busy Person's Guide To Romance


busy person's guide to romance
No time for romance? Try RoMints: delicious, bite size nuggets of romance anyone can pull off.

Romance isn't overrated; it's wonderful. Really. But so is eating caviar off a stripper in the back of a limo (well, for some people). In terms of time, in terms of money, in terms of inclination, romance is just unaffordable in this economy, when you've got three crappy jobs and two underwater mortgages and a Facebook page and a Twitter feed. He Said, She Said: Is Your Man Romantic Enough?

Casanova himself couldn't keep up with the ideals of romance set forth by today's helpful movies, and every year the gap widens between what handsome, rugged Hollywood millionaires can pull off in stunning HD—surprising you with the house of your dreams, filling your sorority lawn with daffodils, racing along the beach on horseback with your piano, risking their secret vampire identity to stop you from getting on that plane—and what little old you can. Why Guys Hate Date Movies

When you don't have time/money/inclination for romance defined by such wide-screen dreams, the risk is that you fold up your tent and do nothing at all. Out here in the post-recession real world, if romantic gestures mean hours of setup time and an unbreakable credit card and police permits and a crew of carpenters, it simply ain't gonna get done. And no romance at all is a dangerous game to play for any forward-thinking relationship. Male Take: Why Romance Matters

But hypothetical help is on its way! If you find yourself intimidated by keeping up with the Bridget Joneses and settling for nothing instead, RoMints might be for you.

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