5 Bogus Masturbation Myths


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A little self-love never hurt anyone, contrary to what you may have heard elsewhere.

Why do we regularly make love to ourselves? It teaches us new things about our body (like what feels best), information that we can then pass along to our lovers. It relieves stress, and helps us fall asleep at night (in addition to relieving menstrual cramps, migraines, etc.). It burns calories. It's the safest sex there is. It can make sex with your partner more enjoyable. And, last but not least, bringing oneself to orgasm feels incredible. But a lot of people are wary about diving in down there. Why? Well, there are a number of negative rumors swirling around, about both masturbation and the folks who practice it. We're here to bust those rumors. Because a little self-love can go a long way. 10 Surprising Orgasm Facts

1. You will go blind, or grow hair on your palms.
Such rumors were likely started as a means of shaming those who sought out self-pleasure. What better way to scare people away from masturbation than threatening them with a debilitating and/or humiliating physical condition? In case you're wondering, this Love Buzzer schedules some alone time with her favorite vibrator quite frequently. My vision is near-perfect, and I have the smoothest skin—palms included—you'll ever find. The Hands-Free Orgasm


2. You will lose the ability to orgasm during actual sex.
Some worry that frequent vibrator use will cause their poochacha to go numb. Others fear that regular, masturbation-induced orgasms will make them immune to the ones their partners later try to give them. The truth is, unless you're allowing frequent masturbation to interfere with your day-to-day life (which is an issue of its own), your orgasms will be just fine. In fact, vibrators and digital stimulation can work wonders during couple sex, too, as many women have trouble achieving orgasm during intercourse. Touching yourself while your partner is inside you can create sexy-time magic. Self Pleasure For Beginners

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