7 Reasons Winter Romance Rules


Winter Couple
Cold winter nights can create the hottest romances, check out our list of seven sexy reasons.

Sometimes winter can seem like a drag—runny noses, dry skin, biting cold, days spent inside... you know the drill. Well instead of pining for the romantic rites of spring to commence, focus on all of the many ways a winter affair can warm you up, pass the time and bring color to your cheeks!

1. Months Of "Unwrapping Gifts"


Sure spaghetti-strap sundresses and bikinis are sexy but they don't leave much to the imagination. The suspense of taking off layer after layer of warm clothes becomes a fun form of foreplay. There's nothing like getting down to the big reveal of his cute long johns near the end. The Secret Ingredient For Better Sex

2. Body Heat

A no-brainer: the colder it gets the more welcome each other's body heat becomes. When getting close to someone is crucial just to maintain your own body temperature you know nature is telling you to get together, so why fight it?

3. It's A Sentimental Season

There's something about sharing tradition and kitsch that can make a new love seem special and familiar at the same time. Whether singing carols or just enjoying enjoying hot toddies in somewhat dorky red and green clothes, the winter months give you an excuse to be corny and sentimental, leading to lower inhibitions when it comes to getting affectionate with your guy.

4. Indoor Exercise

Remember #1? Well having someone to regularly get undressed with followed by vigorous cardiovascular activity is certainly going to help prevent all of that pie from going straight to your hips. Keeping fit in the winter months never seemed so easy. Hooray for a new exercise regime! Study Shows Women Most Attractive in Winter

5. Cold-Weather Companion

On those tedious occasions when you actually must leave your home, having someone to flirt with while you restock on toilet paper and dish soap makes even the most unglamorous outings seem like a fun excursion. 4 Alcohol-Free Date Ideas

6. Excuses, Excuses

And when you really really don't want to go out, you always have that lifeline of your significant other ie. "we're going shopping/writing thank you cards/having a winter exercise club session..." You get the idea.

7. Heightened Intimacy

All of that time inside with someone inevitably leads to more conversation, sharing and intimacy. Being holed up with someone for long periods of time is a natural catalyst to getting close on a deeper level. The Many Forms of Intimacy

Question: What's your favorite thing about winter romances?