What Makes Men Nervous In Bed?


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4 sex-related topics that men are embarrassed to talk about.

Men are proud of their sexual exploits. That’s why we brag about them like idiots. However, during the actual act, some guys are much more uptight than they let on—sometimes uptight enough that they fail to really enjoy the experience. The Frisky: What's Your Most Embarrassing Sexual Encounter? 

Here’s a look at some common reasons for male self-consciousness during sex, and what you can do to boost a nervous guy’s ego.

1. The Hands. Many men have no idea what to do with the hands, and we’ll worry that we’re being clumsy and awkward. This, of course, causes us to become clumsy and awkward. Our hands will be all over the place, grabbing on to any skin we can find. Sexy, eh? The Frisky: What He's Thinking During Sex (An Internal Monologue)

Usually, once we’ve been having sex with the same person for a while, we’ll gradually get more comfortable and this one clears up on its own.


2. Our Guts. Many guys worry about the size of their guts, even if they don’t really have visible guts. They may just worry about weight in general. Hey, we don’t want to crush the person we’re with, but sometimes that’s what it feels like when we’re on top. The Frisky: How To Compliment A Man's Wang

Plus, there’s the psychological embarrassment of simply being naked with another person. If you’re with a guy who’s at all concerned about his weight, chances are good that those concerns triple when he’s nude.

Switching occasionally to a woman-on-top position can take the edge off these weight concerns.

3. Orgasms. Men are wired to think about orgasms during sex—on our side, the “just enjoy it” concept is very hard to understand, because for men, sex has a goal, and that goal is the orgasm. The Frisky: MERRIMe, A New Web Comedy About Online Dating

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