The Top 10 Sex Trends Of the '00s


The Top 10 Sex Trends Of the '00s
Sex came a long way from 2000 to today. Here's a look back at the decade's sexiest trends.

It's that magical time on the calendar, when one decade is coming to a close and another is about to unfold, and we all look back at everything we've done and everywhere we've been and ask: what just happened?

When it comes to earth-shattering political events, there were plenty, ranging from terrorist attacks to economic meltdowns to the election of a certain groundbreaking U.S. president. Love Lessons From The White House


When it comes to natural disasters, there was also an abundance, including tsunamis, earthquakes, and a particular hurricane whose name is now synonymous with tragedy.

And when it comes to more personal things, like how we lived, how we loved, and whom we slept with, it was also a time of ups and downs (both literally and figuratively), when we saw everything from the mainstreaming of bondage to the lady parts of Paris Hilton (a bit too often, when it comes to the latter, in our humble opinions).

Read on for our breakdown, year by year, of love and sex in the first decade of the new millenium, and let us know if you followed the same trends we did or were privy to ones we missed.

2000: The Year of Casual Sex
Perhaps we started to expect too much when Y2K didn't destroy the world because, let's be frank, in 2000 we all became greedy. We were still alive and beginning a new millenium and because of this, we wanted fame, we wanted money and we wanted to have a good time, in and out of the sack.

Two years into the series, Sex and the City was already normalizing casual hookups for women across America (though NPR wouldn't cover the phenomenon until eight years later). Almost Famous, the big-screen tribute to low self-esteem and glamorous, easy sex (all set to a great soundtrack) hit theaters in 2000 and turned Kate Hudson (playing a delusional groupie with a heart of gold) into a star.

"Video Vixen" Karinne Steffans hit the LA scene in 2000 and began sleeping her way into infamy with the likes of Jay-z, Ja Rule, Ice-T, and Vin Diesel. Today she is almost famous.

And of course, let's not forget Darva Conger. In 2000, on a Las Vegas stage, she married Rick Rockwell, a man she'd never met before, for the Fox TV show Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire? Sadly, for Darva, in the end Rick turned out to be just a thousandaire, not to mention an abusive loser. These are the risks we face when we're living with a new lease on life.

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