What Are Korean Kissing Rooms & Are They Cool?


Skirting anti-prostitution laws with a little paid kissing on the Korean Peninsula.

According to the YonHap News (I know you're familiar with that outlet), Korean law enforcement bros have been busting up brothels left, right, center and behind since a statute was passed in 2004 banning sex for money as an occupation. Read: Korean Court Rules Against Going Dutch

Industries are a little like sharks. They have to keep moving and eating seals and surfers else they'll sink and starve, respectively. And no industry is more adept at evolving than prostitution (with the possible exception of the X-Men). It's fought legislation, moral posturing and various maladies of the bathing suit region.


Prostitution purveyor have been disguising their operations as massage parlors, karaoke dens and, sometimes, housekeeping services (if my knowledge of 1970s porn is accurate). But Johnny Law (also known as Jin-y Law on the Peninsula below the 38th parallel) is hip to those ruses. So, Korean bordello-owners/operators have started a little thing called Kissing Rooms. Read: 10 Surprising Facts About Kissing

The Kissing Room is an establishment wherein a chap pays a gal to plant a nice wet one on his grill. Evidently, the smooching and tongue tennis is as far as the physicality is supposed to go (though who has ever had a make-out sesh with someone that didn't include a little grinding and light but respectful groping?). Authorities are worried that these lip-locks will lead to something more illicit. Read: Korean? Male? Need a Wife? Try Vietnam.

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