My Unfulfilled Fantasy: Same-Sex Hookups

My Unfulfilled Fantasy: Same-Sex Hookups

My Unfulfilled Fantasy: Same-Sex Hookups

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I've had crushes on women my entire life, but I've never gotten around to dating one.

When I was leaving for college, my high school friends predicted two things would occur once I fled the nest, away from my WASP-y parents: 1) I'd become a chain smoker to complete my poetry-reading, philosophy-pondering image, and 2) I'd get it on with girls. The Frisky: Documentary Suggests All Women Are Gay

After four years at hippie-dippy NYU, surprisingly, neither of these predictions came true. Alas, while I still have no interest whatsoever in getting lung cancer, I do still have an interest in hooking up with girls. Except these days, I'm pretty much convinced it's never going to happen. The Frisky: 8 Sex "Mistakes" We Don't Regret From College

If you asked me to define my sexual orientation, I would say "straight," because that's the quick answer—but the real answer is more "straight-ish." I've only dated men and had sex with men, but I've had intense crushes on women my whole life. That's not enough to say "bisexual" in my book, but enough to say "straight-ish." The Frisky: How To be A Good Hookup

It started in 9th grade with Carly. She was my first kiss ever during a game of spin-the-bottle. To my utter surprise, she asked me to be her date to Homecoming!  One day, hanging out on her bed, talking about our dresses, my hormones were bleeping and blooping off the charts—I wanted to kiss her. But did I take Carly in my arms and plant a big lusty smooch on her? Hell, no. I was way too scared. The Frisky: MERRIMe, A New Web Comedy About Online Dating

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