Love Lessons You Should Learn By 35


Love Lessons You Should Learn By 35

=>No answer IS the answer - If you call/email/text someone and leave a message asking them out and  they don't reply, they're not interested. That lack of a response is their response. They're avoiding possible hurt feelings and drama. Trying to force them to respond to you or making up an excuse for contacting them again ("thought maybe my email got filtered/text didn't go through") makes you look obsessive and desperate. He "Has A Lot Going On." What Does That Mean?

=>There is no such thing as closure - Stewing over a break up or unceremonious dumping? Find a way to let it go that doesn't require being acknowledged or contact from the guilty party. Once someone is done, they're done. If you feel compelled to tell them off or speak your mind, send it in an email. But know this: They're not going to respond to you. Something else to know: Nothing you can say will change their mind. If they think you have anger issues or too invested too soon or just not their type, they are not going to feel inclined to give you a second chance. It's done. Move on. Find something to distract yourself before you cross over in to crazy person territory. Even if that person does hear you out, the most they're likely to say is "Okay, well, I'm sorry you feel that way." Which, if you ask me, is the worst thing someone can say because they're basically saying, "Oh well, sucks to be you." Dumped? 10 Healthy Ways To Heal


=>Monogamy and exclusivity should never be assumed - Until a man tells you himself, verbally, that he's no longer going to sleep with someone else, assume that he is. And learn the difference between, "I'm not sleeping with anyone else " and, "I don't plan on sleeping with anyone else." The former means, at that specific point in time, he's not sleeping with anyone else..but he could. The latter means "I've considered it and I don't have any intentions of sleeping with anyone else but you."

=>If he/she "seems" disinterested, they are - By 35, you shouldn't be trying to decipher why someone you met online refuses to get on the phone and only text messages you or why it takes them 1-3 days to respond to an email. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's a duck.

=>Ladies - Men have more options - Deal with it. That means you can't get away with being bitchy, rude, cold, demanding or otherwise difficult. They'll dump your ass in a heartbeat for someone younger because they can and because younger women bring less baggage to the relationship. Guys will date women their age up until about 35 or so. That's when they instinctually seek out younger mates. The Number One Reason Men Don't Call You Back

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