I Call My Lover "Daddy"—So What?


female arm with tattoo of papa
Who's your "daddy" in the bedroom?

I am well aware that this predilection elicits a giant "ewwww" from most of the sex-having population, but I have always liked a little "daddy talk" in the bedroom. No, I don't want to have sex with MY father, but using the word, loaded as it is with connotations of power and taboo, gets me unapologetically hot.

According to the recent article "Sick or Sexy? When He's 'Daddy' in the Bedroom," I'm not the only perv enjoying a little faux-incest during sex. MSNBC mostly focuses on new parents who discover their day-to-day nicknames can also spice things up in the bedroom, but if pornography and the ads on Craigslist's Casual Encounters have anything to teach us about it, they're not the only ones who like some paternal pillow talk.


In my decade of field tests, I have found that Daddy is the one word in the English language with a singular power over young and old men alike. If you have the balls to use it, it can ramp things up to 11 more quickly than dirty lingerie or an offer of anal. (Admittedly, it can also occasionally shut things down reeeeally quickly.)

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Written by Emily McCombs for Lemondrop.