Top 10 British Celebrity Crushes


robert pattinson
Robert Pattinson, Posh & Becks, the Bond girl and Daniel Craig: YT's fave sexy British imports.

It was a big week for Brits in Hollywood: Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe said he thinks Robert Pattinson is a handsome chap (um, who doesn't), Posh and Becks spent hundreds of thousands on one weekend holiday (see below), and Daniel Craig got engaged to Bond girl Gemma Alterton. Our mates from across the Atlantic are seriously dominating our headlines—and we Celebrity Love it. Here's our list of sexy super-faves where we asked in our best English tongue, "What's your relationship stay-tus?"

Daniel Radcliffe This little love wizard put a crazy spell on us this week with his comments that Robert Pattinson is smoking hot and that kissing Emma Watson would be "incestuous" (so what, Morgan Freeman does it). Daniel is reportedly single and content, even if he cyber-stalked some Australian girl last year—but come everytime a new movie comes out, celebrities start saying wacky things about their sexual preferences? That couldn't just be for publicity, could it? Whatev. Potter's a hottie.

Victoria and David Beckham Posh & Becks are such a wicked package that we just couldn't separate them. Last weekend they spent a reported $200,000 to celebrate their anniversary, and have you seen their new Armani ads? Oh Em Gee. This week a report came out that David's man crush on Tom Cruise may be interfering with other aspects of his life (like, soccer; see below)—but make no mistake: the sexy Beckhams, now married for one sparkling decade, are together for the long haul. 
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