Robert Pattinson Dumps Kristin Stewart

Robert Pattinson
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Emilie de Ravin is apparently new blood for the Twilight hunk.

OMG! Can you believe it?

The star crossed love affair between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart is now, it seems, over. At least, that's what Life & Style is reporting this week.

According to the magazine, Pattinson dumped K-Stew for his Remember Me co-star Emilie de Ravin. Apparently the romance began a while back when Pattinson and de Ravin met. It was also Pattinson's suggestion to cast de Ravin in Remember Me, according to insider who spilled it to Life & Style.

The magazine goes on to report how the duo was getting along "very, very well" after hours and would do romantic things like get drinks together between takes. The source is quoted as saying, "They seemed to like each other a lot."

Some friendly advice that Pattinson's Twilight co-star Elizabeth Reaser gave to de Raven tipped the press off too the new romance. Reaser is reported to have told de Ravin, who was nervous about an on screen kiss with Pattinson, "However you kiss Rob in real life, just do that!"

Now, our friends over at Celebitchy (who tipped us off to this news) cast a skeptical eye on this development. Primarily because the relationship between Pattinson and Stewart was never confirmed and because Pattinson has been linked to many girls in the past few months: in additon to Stewart, he's "dated" Camilla Belle, Erika Dutra, Shannon Woodward and Nikki Reed.

Frankly, we tend to agree with Cele, but if Pattinson did happen to cast the always-looking-like-a-vampire Stewart aside, we wouldn't blame him. Also, it's not exactly like she's been all that into him. K-Stew may or may not still be dating longtime beau Michael Angarano. Robert Pattinson Gives Kristen Stewart Ultimatum

It also seems likely that Pattinson might take on a girl from down under, since he is apparently fed up with American women.

A little more about de Raven: she is an Australian actress who appeared in the WB series Roswell followed by a starring role in ABC's Lost. She was married to actor Josh Janowicz in June 2006, but the couple seperated within months of the nupitals. In June 2009 it was reported the couple was living seperately and had filed for divorce.

Photo courtesy of Bauer Griffin.