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Sexual Frustration!

Sexual Frustration!

Never written something so private so public b4 so please forgive the lack of forum! 
I just want my husband to be attracted to me again!  I was a little over wieght for most of our beggnnings of our relationship and the first years of our marriage - now I AM NOT!   I am healthy, thin, active and feeling beautiful!  BUT... now I can't get anything in the bedroom area!  I am so frustrated with the whole situation I am sorta at a loss...  I have tried all the small and big romantic thing - to the wilder kinkier things - sorry that's just me! (him too though so that's good!) Even broke out the sex swing, not even in the mood, he said! 
IDK. I'm just sorta venting here I suppose.  Just wanting something to help with the sexual frustraion that seems to be building in me - I can't stand this!  I feel so much better about myself and this sorta reaction from my own husband is throwing me - like he isn't even attracted to me at all or something (says he is but doesn't show it - sorta thing...)
Anyone else going through this sort of thing - feel free to make positive comments, I am a positive person!
I look for the best out of situations, not the worst! 
Don't bother to comment if your just going to knock me! (Please!)


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