Have More Sex, Increase Fertility: BRILLIANT!


male fertility
Male fertility and motility can be increased by having more sex, thanks to science.

You ever been smacked in the face with the perfect solution to a nearly intractable problem? And when the smacking recedes, the red mark on your face is one of disappointment in yourself? And the handprint on that red mark has the word "duh" written in hieroglyphics?
Science has just goon-handed the lot of us across the kisser with this tasty little treat: male fertility can be increased by up to 26% by ejaculating daily (rather 26% of sperm damage can be decreased by b-ing an l on the nightly tip). Per LittleAbout.com, motility (whose lack is the bane of my man Tom Teicholz's existence) increases "slightly but significantly" with daily ejaculation. Read: My Wife Was Fertile—I Wasn't

I don't know if having sex more regularly to become fertile is more brilliant in it's simplicity or simple in it's brilliance, but you'd have to imagine that the cascade-effect also would increase the odds of conception. That is to say, if a man sexes up his lady friend (or special lady) more regularly, he will  (in all likelihood) become better at it and increase the chances of her orgasming (I looked it up, women orgasm now too) and that makes her somewhat more fertile (and eliminates some amount of "backflow," yes "eww"). Next, since sperm can survive a few days (upwards of five-ish, normally one or two), flooding that zone with frogmen, in or around ovulation, can only increase chances of conception.


Obviously, abstinence is the best way to prevent a baby from being put in someone's belly (though a combination of condom use, the pill, pull 'n pray, smoking pot and spermicidal lubricant also make baby-making an exercise in futility), but it's mildly ironic that "spilling no seed" makes a deleterious impact on future attempts to procreate. So, Steve Carell's character from The 40 Year Old Virgin, maybe if you don't use it, you do lose it.

Ideally, this "do it early, do it often" technique will be the solution for most guys, but some "silly pants McGruber" urologists think that keeping laptops off laps, wearing boxer shorts, refraining from hot tub use (plus not spilling scalding hot coffee on your lap), exercise, proper diet and girdle-like contraptions that circulates water around a guys genitals also work. It takes it a village (of treatments) to combat male infertility, but any woman attempting to have a baby should probably stay as attractive to her guys as possible just in case science later figures out that that's a major factor.

This whole "doing something over and over again to increase one's chances of success" sounds an awful lot like practice. Allen Iverson knows how I feel about practice.

Any tales of woe (or whoa) on the male fertility front?

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