Ways To Impress Girls

Ways To Impress Girls

Impressing the girls may sound downright difficult, but believe me, it's simple. You don't even need new clothes or a new haircut to do that. Girls may be attracted to hot guys but what they're really looking for is someone who can care for them and make them feel special. Here are other ways to help you impress a girl:

Let's start off with the oldest trick. Be a gentleman and take care of her needs without prompting. Open doors, offer your coat when she's cold, carry her stuff, make her feel like a princess --- girls are impressed with chivalry. Always show that you care and you are there for her. Be strong, yet not rough. Women like to feel that they are being protected and they don't react well to some loser who can't stand up for himself. However, be careful not to cross the fine line between confidence and overconfidence. Learn how to balance the beam.

It's time to unleash your sensitive side as well. Communicate and ask about her feelings. A girl values and appreciates a guy who is agreeable to talk about his feelings and is genuinely interested in hers. If you're consuming alcohol, keep it social and to a minimum. Girls get turned off on drunken guys who like to talk big about themselves.

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