Bulimia, Balding & 6 Other Secrets About The Pill


the pill
Don't worry. It's still good for staving off pregnancy.

This is what we've known from the get-go: that the pill is good for people who want to avoid babies and menstrual cramps.

This is what we've learned in the years since: that the pill is not so good for people who are scared of developing blood clots and dying of a stroke.


But this is what you might be surprised to hear: that the pill can play a role in everything from how we lose our hair to what we choose to eat. I'm Just Not That Into His Weight Gain

Below, a list of eight facts you might never have come across about the pill, courtesy of LiveScience and our own YourTango archives.

1. Women on birth control pills chase the wrong kinds of men. Not wrong kinds as in "he has bad hair and lives in his mother's basement." Bad as in "we might be related." That's right. In at least two major studies, women on the pill have been shown to be most attracted to the scents of men with DNA immune systems most similar to their own.

2. The pill is good for female pattern hair loss.

3. The pill has been shown to reduce the risk of developing multiple sclerosis. 

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