4 Ways To Rid An Ex From Your System

4 Ways To Rid An Ex From Your System

4 Ways To Rid An Ex From Your System

Tips to air out your brain from a relationship that's dunzo.

Maybe the relationship started off awesome. We don't doubt it. We're sure it traveled on an idyllic path for a hot minute or two, full of butterflies and starry-eyed evenings of dragonfly walks along the beach. We bet it did.

But then it inevitably faltered and you probably stuck around longer than you should have (you did, didn't you?). It was tough, but now you're finally out (rejoice!).

But it sort of sucks. All the good memories keep infiltrating your mind like sweet-smelling second-hand smoke. Suddenly your reviled ex is Goody McBoyfriend and you've made The Biggest Mistake Of Your Life.


You want back in.

Don't do it! Here's 4 tips to help you stay out.

1.) Make A Bad Quality List

It sounds corny but sit down and write out all the things you don't like about said person. Be as shallow as you want. Nobody except you is going to read about your secret disdain for his/her fashion deficiencies, chicken legs and less than stellar vocabulary. Write the big stuff, too. The time he/she was rude to your cat, how he/she always seemed to stare off into the distance when you talked, how he/she (he, who are we kidding) sat in their underwear all day Saturday and played video games. Write it all. And then whenever you get weepy-eyed about that romantic walk in Central Park eight months ago, just revert to the list. You'll be shocked how quickly you won't reach for your cell phone.