Just for Fun-Lusty Books for Women

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Just for Fun-Lusty Books for Women

Romance novels are my favorite vice.  They've come a long way since the days of Barbara Cartland when they always ended with a kiss - a divine, earth-moving kiss, but just a kiss.

Modern romance novels are erotica for women.  Unlike male porn, there's only one couple involved and by the end of the book they're in love and probably married.  Along the way you get plenty of foreplay and sex.  A good romance has an exciting plot and interesting characters, but a fun time and a happy ending are guaranteed.  Most importantly, they put you in the mood for some real romance with your sweetie.


Here are a few of my favorite historical romances, with a little bit of fantasy thrown in:

Surrender to a Wicked Spy by Celeste Bradley - Our heroine must deal with her new husband's extremely large endowment while fighting evil spies.  A set of dildoes plays a pivotal role in the plot.

Beyond the Highland Mist by Karen Marie Moning - The king of the fairies is furious with the Hawk, a 16th century man who is a little too good at pleasing women in bed.  In revenge, the king sends our hero a 20th century woman who has been burned by philandering men.  The hero must use all of his skills to seduce her.

The Pirate Prince by Connie Mason - The pirate hero steals the heroine en route to his evil half-brother's harem.  Our is not a noble hero - he still plans to deliver our heroine to the harem in exchange for his imprisoned mother.  The pirate prince falls for the heroine but needs to preserve her virginity and trading value.  He resolves to seduce her into lots and lots of foreplay.

Enchanting the Lady by Kathryne Kennedy - The heroine must find her magical powers and fight evil with the help of a hot shape-shifter who turns into a lion.  An amazing new series set in an alternative version of Victorian England.  In this world, nobles and royalty hold titles based on their ability to do magic.

Just One of Those Flings by Candice Hern - The first in a series about a group of Merry Widows in Regency England.  The four widows decide to keep their financial independence but look for lovers.

A few more good authors - Julia Quinn, Bettina Krahn, Sabrina Jeffries, Elizabeth Boyle, and Suzanne Enoch.

Pick up a romance and have some fun!

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