Do you ever wonder why you fell in love with the person you fell in love with? What made him stand out over all the other men in the world?
Dr. Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist, explores these questions and attempts to explain the connection between biology and human attraction in her book Why Him, Why Her?. “There’s only a few chemicals that seem to be directly related to personality traits,” says Dr. Fisher. She has identified four main personality types that derive from these chemicals – which best describes you and your partner?
One specific type is the explorer which is dopamine. This type is risk taking, curious, creative, novelty seeking, spontaneous, and optimistic. Key examples of the explorer type are actress Angelina Jolie and President Barak Obama. Both are different people but they each have that same sense of curiosity and sense of adventure. The second type is the builder which is serotonin. These people are calm, social, popular, cautious, traditional, and often religious. Our first president ever George Washington and pro golfer Tiger Woods are examples of the builder type.
Want to learn the other types and which one are you? Check out the video above.

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