Religion, Faith And Spirituality In Relationships


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Religion and relationships: interfaith dating, sex and spirituality, dating and more.

Religion, faith and spiritualiy are essential components of a relationship—or are they? Religion is a fraught topic in today's society, and YourTango wants to help answer your questions about interfaith relationships, conversion, sex and religion, dating someone of a different faith, spirituality and religion within marriage and other questions. Check out our stories below to learn more about the intersection of love, sex and religion.

Conversion & Interfaith Relationships


The Secrets To An Interfaith Relationship
How couples find compromise living with two Gods under one roof.

Advice On Converting To A New Religion For Marriage
Thinking about converting to a new religion? Learn everything you need to know.

Sex & Religion

Spiritual Sex: 10 Erotic Commandments
Discover the sacred unit of body and soul when it comes to sex.

Forbidden Desires: Judaism And Sex
Orthodox Judaism keeps husband and wife apart and passion alive.

No Sex Before Marriage? He Made Her Wait
To honor her husband-to-be; one woman stays chaste before her wedding.

Tantric Sex 101
Explore tantric sex with these tips and workshop suggestions.

Spirituality Within Relationships

10 Steps To A Spiritual Relationship
Improve and deepen your connection by becoming spiritual partners.

Finding God After Finding The One
Spiritual exploration can be lonely and divisive when one partner's not on board.