10 Men Sexier Than Hugh Jackman


10 Men Sexier Than Hugh Jackman
People magazine names Hugh Jackman its sexiest man alive, but we strongly disagree.

Hugh Jackman is a sexy, sexy man.  That's what People magazine believes at least.  Last week the celebrity mag picked the Australia star for its coveted title previously held by the likes of Johnny Depp, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt.  While Mr. Jackman definitely sets our hearts fluttering we can't help but think that there are sexier men who could easily fill Hugh's shoes. 

We're not alone. Entertainment Weekly feels Jon Hamm was denied type honors, and comments on the site tout the sexiness of everyone from Gale Harold (Desperate Housewives) to Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors).  After hours of searching through hot celebrity photos, YourTango has come up with a list of 10 men who are sexier than Hugh Jackman. 


Jon Hamm (Mad Men)
It's easy to think that Don Draper's stylish suits and effortless charm is why we're hot for Hamm, but it's the promise of what's to come that we find so sexy.  We've only just discovered this 37-year-old and his recent turn as host of Saturday Night Live has us thinking he's primed for transition to the silver screen, just like former TV vets George Clooney (ER) and Alec Baldwin (Knots Landing).

Paul Rudd (Role Models)
There's nothing sexier than a sense of humor and we can't think of anyone who's funnier than Paul Rudd.  We've had a crush on him ever since he stole Alicia Silverstone's heart in Clueless, and his recent turns as a frustrated husband in Knocked Up and a cyncial promoter in Role Models has only left us wanting more.

Robert Pattinson (Twilight)
Twilight is not a good movie (trust us), but we thank the producers for bringing the brooding Pattinson to our attention.  His brief turn in the Harry Potter series didn't prepare us for his sardonic smile and tortured personality.  We know we can't fix him, but we're willing to try.

Jensen Ackles (Supernatural)
There are many reasons to tune in to the CW's cult hit Supernatural, but our favorite reason is Ackles' just-back-from-hell Dean Winchester.  Always ready for a fight, a steamy romp in the back of a car, or just about anything you throw at him.  Need more reason to lust after him?  Ok, he's 6'1", hails from Texas, and his roommate is Jared Padalecki which means sleepovers at his place would be twice the fun.

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