Justin Timberlake Is Sick Of Your Questions

Justin Timberlake Is Sick Of Your Questions

Justin Timberlake's plans to marry Jessica Biel are none of your business.

According to Us Weekly (the venerable, old celebrity gossip rag not the strange, rightwing link aggregator USWeekly.com), Justin Timberlake is not trying to hear questions about a wedding to Jessica Biel.

While promoting some golf something or other, he referred to a wedding bells-themed inquiry as "a dumb question." Then again, he called golf an easy game. So, he could have a different angle on life than the rest of us. Although time in celebrity world moves according to a different set of physics than the civilian world, it looks like the 2 have been together-ish since Spring of 2007 and 18 months of dating tend to draw those kind of inquiries. After all, they did start dating around the time that Double R and ScarJo did.

Us Weekly goes on to mention that Jessica Biel is on the fence regarding the whole kids and family kaboodle. And then, just in case our afternoons weren't bad enough, they chime in with a quote from JT's best but Trace Ayala about him not seeing much of a future in the Timber-Biel enterprise. Damn, Trace. Tell us how you really feel, bo.

Do you think JT and Jessica Biel are destined to single beautiful muzak together? And what happens when your buddy is quoted saying something like that, even if it was a while back? Do you tell him to "cool it" on the public conjecture or just let it go? Also, how is the name Trace pronounced? Is it pronounced like a trace or Tracy? Is it short for anything? Did you know that country musician Trace Adkins was shot in the heart by his second wife? Do any young celebrities really think they look cool wearing those pork pie / fedora-looking hats?

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