Celebrity Fetishes You Wanna Know


Celebrity Fetishes You Wanna Know
Some of your favorite celebs might share your dirty little mind.

A little treat arrived today in the form of the Celebrity Examiner’s expose on Celebrity Sexual Fetishes. Complete with photos (not of the actual acts, duh), this little expose went into the down and dirties of what some of your favorite celebrities might be into behind closed doors. Thinking of putting a new spin on your own bedroom antics?  Maybe give some of these a whirl:

Foot fetishes: who knew that this little fetish has so many fans? Quentin Tarantino, A-Rod, Brooke Burke, Tommy Lee, Marilyn Manson, Manson’s ex-wife and burlesque performer Dita Von Teese, David Boreanaz, Jack Black…the list was pretty extensive.  Who knew all those pedicures would be worth something someday?


Men Wearing Women’s Items: Nick Lachey evidently used to like playing around in Jessica Simpson’s shoes and Marv Albert reportedly liked to do all sorts of freaky things while wearing women’s underwear.

Water Sports (Golden Showers, sexual acts involving urine) also seem to be pretty popular, with John Mayer, Ricky Martin and R. Kelly having mentioned being fans of the practice. 

S&M reportedly counts Amy Winehouse and a pre-Brad Angelina Jolie among its fans.  S&M can be quite interesting and can range from blindfolds to full-on gear and swings and closets and whips and….the list is endless.

Next: Angelina Jolie has her own category...

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