When It Comes To Long-Term Love, Do Looks Matter?

When It Comes To Long-Term Love, Do Looks Matter?

I'm blond, he likes brunettes; can we last forever?

Today on Shine a user posted an interesting problem. She has long blond hair that she loves and is proud of, however her boyfriend has told her he prefers brunettes. This stresses her out because she and her sweetie are getting serious and talking marriage, and she's concerned. "If I am going to spend the rest of my life with one man in the whole world, I want that one man to be the most attracted to the features that I have," she writes.

When she brought it up with her man he said that her hair color isn't important, but she's still stuck on the issue: "Why spend my life with a guy who is more attracted to a feature that I don't have? It really makes me feel bad when I think about it."

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