How To Be Single (Around The World) [VIDEO]


After mining the dating scene for laughs as a writer for Sex and the City, Liz Tuccillo moved on to co-authoring the best-selling book, He's Just Not That Into You.  When it came time to work on her next project, the novel How To Be Single, Liz traveled the world to find out what single life was like in other countries.  

Watch all the France webisodes!
Single In France: We Know When "He's Not Into Us"
Single In France: Looking For Love? Be Yourself!
Single In France: "Date" Doesn't Translate
Single In France: Dating Rules Don't Apply Here
Single In France: The Man's Take
Single In France: How To Buy Lingerie
Single In France: Visiting A Sex Club For Swingers
  Watch all the China webisodes!
Single In China: Not Enough Men
Single In China: A Sexual Revolution
Single In China: Sex in "Dis" City
Single In China: Mandarin Love Songs
Single In China: Do Chinese Men Cheat?
Single In China: Don't Play With Matches
Single In China: Marrying For A Child
Single In China: Career Women Date Down
Watch all the Brazil webisodes!
Single In Brazil: A Boom-Boom of One's Own
Single In Brazil: Just Kiss!
Single In Brazil: The One Night Stand
Single In Brazil: "F" for Fidelity
Single In Brazil: Unfaithful Men
Single In Brazil: The Beach Test
  Watch all the Denmark webisodes!
Dating In Denmark: Organizing Your Love Life
Dating in Denmark: Dinner For Eight
Dating In Denmark: The Worst Quality of Danish Men
Dating In Denmark: Independent Women
Dating In Denmark: No Dating Rules
Watch all the Australia webisodes!
Single in Australia: Are All The Good Men Married?
Single in Australia: Is It Easier for Men?
Single in Australia: Older Men Date Younger Women
Single in Australia: All The Good Men Are Gay?
Single In Australia: The Settling Debate
Single in Australia: Women Over 34, Beware
  Watch all the India webisodes!
Single In India: Arranged Marriage For All?
Single in India: First Marriage, Then Love
Single in India: Marriage Is A Group Effort
Single In India: Horoscopes Really Matter
Single in India: Some Don’t Want Arranged Marriage
Single in India: So Many Paths To Love

Watch all the Iceland webisodes!
Single in Iceland: Women Are Very Independent
Single In Iceland: All Drinking And Sex?
Single In Iceland: 24 Hours Of Light = Fun All Night
Single In Iceland: Older Unwed Women Are Happy?
Single In Iceland: Marriage Is Not A Priority


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