25 Strange Things You Won't BELIEVE Turn People On

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Would you be OK with any of these?

Warning: some of these "philias" are NSFNFS (Not Suitable For Nightmare-Free Sleep).

Via one of our favorite sources comes a fun illustrated diagram featuring fetishes such as microphilia, an attraction to little people, and 24 other extraordinarily kinky, creepy sexual proclivities.

Here are a few of the fetishes that are way creepier than golden showers, along with examples of those afflicted with these preferences:

  • Tricophilia: arousal from hair. (eg. A yeti's girlfriend, the guy who rescued Rapunzel)
  • Hybristophilia: arousal to people who have committed crimes. (eg. Bonnie, Clyde, pen pals who marry incarcerated murderers)
  • Retifism: arousal from shoes. (eg. Half of the world's population)
  • Abasiophilia: attraction to people with leg braces. (eg. Er, Jenny from Forrest Gump?)

According to one fetish poll, masochism is the top ranking "alternative" sexual predilection, followed closely by odaxelagnia (biting) and xenophilia (attraction to foreigners), all of which are leaps and bounds more manageable than, say, coprophilia (arousal from feces).

Now, we know that what floats one person's sexual boat can equate to a quickly sinking libido for others. Talking dirty can take some getting used to if it isn't your go-to, for example. It's the dachryphiliacs, those attracted to making one cry, and emetophiliacs, those attracted to vomit, who might have a tougher time working out their differences with their partners.

Could anyone put up with these strange sexual desires? Take a look and decide for yourself.



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