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15 Women Confess Their Weirdest Turn Ons

We all have those strange little things we're attracted to that can turn our heads faster than Ryan Gosling walking into the bar. Maybe it's the way a guy laughs, how he stands with his hands in his pockets, or, um, his arm hair. Whatever. The point is it's strange and it's random but you're totally into it. (And guys definitely have their fair share of weird turns on.) So we invited 15 women into the zero-judgment zone to spill the most arbitrary things that turn them on. Let's get weird, ladies.

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Don't be afraid to be silly or be wrong. Just be yourself.
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You Rock, Girl! 15 Inspirational Quotes From Celeb Ladies We Love

Margaret Cho. Tina Fey. Amy Poehler. These A-list ladies have collectively captured our hearts in a way that others haven't. They're smart. They're sassy (if not borderline outrageous). Not to mention, they're gorgeous in the most I-don't-give-a-flip-what-you-think-about-me way. Most importantly, they know how hard it can be to love yourself, especially as a woman in a world that criticizes our teeny-tiny flaws. That being said, these women help us feel better about ourselves by being relatable, realistic, and, well, themselves! Read on for some of our favorite witty quips from our girl crushes like Maya Rudolph, Anna Kendrick and more!

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Despite how lousy you might feel, pregnancy looks good on any woman.
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Love Your Body: 5 Sexy Perks Of Being Pregnant

Even as we busy ourselves fetching your late-night craving and assembling the crib, there are some things we're thinking (and maybe not telling you). I asked a bunch of fellow guys to open up about how they viewed their wives’ and girlfriends’ brand new curves. Read on to see what they spilled.

Homosexuality: How Being Gay Made Me Appreciate Women
There is no bond stronger than the one between a woman and a gay man.
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Why Being Gay Makes Me Appreciate Women

Women and gay men face many of the same struggles and therefore relate to each other in a lot of ways. Expert Rick Clemons discusses how even though he is not attracted to women, he respects them even more since he came out of the closet.

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One secret uncovered? It has to do with Walt Disney.
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Know Your Flow: 9 Shocking Facts About Your Period

Think you know your period? Think again. Researchers recently discovered that being on your period actually makes you stupid (that is, a scientific experiment determined that menstruating women performed worse on tests). Also, did you know that it makes you friskier? Or more liable to impulsive shopping? There still seems to be so much we don't know about menstruation, so let's dispel the mystery around our time of the month with these little-known facts!

'Easier Said Than Done!' How to Have Global Visibility
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'Easier Said Than Done!' How to Have Global Visibility

Nikki Woods is the senior producer of the "Tom Joyner Morning Show," the most successful syndicated urban radio show in history. The show reaches more than 8 million people on a daily basis. Nikki was journalism major also at the University of St. Francis in Illinois and today she is known as the global visibility expert. She was born in Rock Hill, Missouri and studied education at Howard University in Washington, DC. The hardworking entrepreneur is a multimedia personality in her own right, a social media and branding coach, and a motivational speaker.

Sorry ladies, it might be your fault.
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Loveumentary #33: Laura Doyle Wants To Improve Your Intimacy

Welcome to The Loveumentary on YourTango! Every Wednesday, YourTango will be hosting podcasts from the fabulous Loveumentary project, created by Nate Bagley. Today's podcast comes to us from Laura Doyle, a relationship expert who works exclusively with women to help them improve their relationships.

Why You Attract Who You Attract
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Why You Attract Who You Attract

Mary tells me in a face-to-face session, "Steve is always criticizing me... how do I get him to stop?" Fiona tells me in a Skype session, "Jeff is often withdrawn. I feel so angry about this." It is always easy to see what your partner is doing that you do not like,.. and it is generally very challenging to see your end of a dysfunctional relationship system...

man talking to two women at a bar
Approaching a woman at the bar? Here are the dos and don'ts.
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How To Properly Approach Women At The Bar, According To Movies

Maybe you've been out of the game for a while or perhaps you're doing just fine in that department, but you're just curious to look at someone else's playbook. Whatever the reason is, Ask Men has decided to not only spell out all the dos and don'ts for you but has also added clips from beloved movies where characters were successful at putting on the moves.

Find out how each gender plays out their fears in dreamland!
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What Your Guy's Nightmares Really Mean

After a study of about 10,000 dreams reported by 500 people was performed and there was an obvious trend of the same kind of nightmares among each gender, but each gender seems to be dwelling on things in very different ways.

It's best to do what she says.
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Guys, Listen Up: What Women Want You To Know

Women have unrealistic expectations about what guys should know about dating and relationships. I know this because — you guessed it — I'm a female. And while we don't expect you to magically know everything we're thinking all of the time, we do expect you to magically know what we're thinking most some of the time.