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Does this sound like you? You are stuck in a rut, spinning your wheels with no clear direction about your future You struggle envisioning the future because there are anchors holding you back, like fear, guilt, perfectionism and self-doubt Your life is spent “driving around in circles,” not knowing where you are going, feeling overwhelmed, overstressed and unfulfilled You know you want to live a more purpose-filled life, but you just don’t know how to make it happen I know how you feel. Not long ago, I was searching for my own identity, and had no idea where to go next. My own journey through self-discovery, and stepping way out of my comfort zone, led me to becoming the Founder of, a Certified Dream Coach®, a professional speaker, and an author. As a Midlife Reinvention Coach, I can help you get out of your own deep rut so you can start living with greater clarity, purpose and freedom to be who you want to be. Through my Reinvention Road Trip Program,  you will throw out that heavy baggage that keeps you weighed down, define your life’s purpose, and create a road map for the next, best chapter of your life. My blog at provides the resources and tools to make the second half of life the best, focusing on a healthy mind, body and spirit, with insight and encouragement to women who are facing their own midlife transitions, feeling invisible, overwhelmed and unfulfilled. Not 50 yet? No worries! I work with women of all ages. I always say "I don’t check IDs!" If you are ready to move forward, but not sure just what to do next, let’s talk! I offer Complimentary 30-minute Clarity Sessions when we discuss your dreams, your current challenges and how best to get you headed in the right direction. Midlife brings with it many major transitions: the empty nest, career burnout, divorce, and a deep longing for something more out of life. If you are searching for clarity, purpose and a deep sense of meaning every day, I would love to be your coach, accountability partner, cheerleader and friend.  Contact me at Susan@FlourishOver50,com and let's get started today!

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