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I am an avid sports and nutrition enthusiast who has been taking supplements since I was 18.  In my early research, I found that many of the reviews of supplements I was reading were heavily biased, and in some cases completely misleading. In 2009, I decided enough was enough.  I started writing detailed reviews of supplements I was taking, and post honest feedback on my blog.  I started to get a lot of men and women asking me what I thought about various types of supplements, and as a result, Supplement Critique was born. has grown to become one of the largest supplement review sites on the internet.  We primarily review supplements in the bodybuilding and weight loss niche, but have grown to other verticals as well.  We rank supplements on a wide variety of criteria, including personal testing results, what other users are saying, potential for side effects, and much more. If you have any questions about a particular supplement, or are looking for advice on losing weight or gaining muscle, you can contact me via email anytime. 

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