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  PINK KISSES launched in July 2010 to help women forget their exes & find their inner bombshells. { like Pink Kisses on facebook } { follow Pink Kisses on twitter } { go to Pink Kisses & check it out }   ELLIE SCARBOROUGH & AMY LYNCH ~ ellie ~ Take a recovering television reporter and throw away her straightening iron... add in some jelly bracelets, crazy high heels and a heaping helping of brains and you’ve got Ellie– the founder of Pink Kisses. Ellie sees life as an adventure and makes a habit of pushing limits – including her own. Her parents were divorced when she was two and she grew up in New York and Florida with an evolving family landscape. It sparked her lifelong fascination with both the positive and negative power of relationships. She became a TV news reporter right after graduating from Vassar College. Telling people’s stories seemed like a natural fit. She thrived as an NBC reporter for seven years. Still, she wasn’t ready to settle into her career. She’s had her heart broken more than once (and broken some, too). But a breakup during her last TV gig in Houston was the toughest. She looked around for the right tools to help her move on, but couldn’t find them. So, she decided to send herself flowers with a note that said: “Don’t even shed another tear over a guy who’s not sending you these.” It made such a difference that she created ways to help other forget their exes & find their inner bombshells. Pink Kisses was born. Ellie quit TV news and moved to Austin, Texas, to pursue a new dream: inspiring women everywhere to come out of tough breakups faster and stronger than ever before. Since its July 2010 launch, Pink Kisses has helped hundreds of girls across the country with its intelligent, thoughtful products and services presented in a bold, edgy tone. The brand offers tips and tools to keep women inspired, encouraged, and supported while going through heartbreak. Ellie has told her story on the TODAY Show, in The Washington Post & Wall Street Journal. She can also be spotted as a relationship expert on NBC and FOX news programs as well as The Huffington Post. She’s never been happier or believed more in what she’s doing, and through Pink Kisses, she encourages women across the country to cultivate their own joy as well. ~ amy ~ When Amy was five years old, she made a decision that would inform the rest of her years… or, at least, her wardrobe: she was going to be Audrey Hepburn. That never actually came to fruition – after all, there’s only one Audrey…but there’s also only one Amy. Amy grew up in Florida just a few miles from Ellie’s house, but the girls wouldn’t meet until they were both living in Texas more than 20 years later. The only thing Amy ever really wanted to be (besides Audrey) was a writer. She amassed spelling bee and poetry contest trophies as a kid, later graduating from Florida State University with an English degree. She planned to travel and write after college but ended up in a committed relationship in that same little town with a really nice guy who had absolutely no desire to leave town, ever. Seven years and one broken engagement later, Amy took flight and stumbled into Austin, Texas, on the recommendation of several friends – including Ellie’s brother. Once she got there, she couldn’t stop writing about her adventures. Ellie met Amy shortly thereafter and soon shared her idea for Pink Kisses. Amy was sold. So, Ellie set her loose as the company’s creative mastermind, and later, community director. Amy has used her creative mojo to plan campaigns on everything from aging issues to sexual violence prevention. She’s been behind the scenes at NASA, helping the space program field press calls in the days leading up to a historic shuttle launch. But she says she’s never been as excited about anything she’s worked on as she is about the Pink Kisses concept.

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