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Do you know the difference between a vaginal and clitoral orgasm? Women who’ve experienced both say a vaginal orgasm is far superior to a clitoral experience. The vaginal orgasm starts with the most important sexual organ—the brain. Patsy Rae Dawson has been using the Bible and her book God's People Make the Best Lovers to teach women how to enjoy vaginal orgasms for over 40 years.

Do you know that all orgasms are not the same for a man? Some are much better than others and many men don't know why. Patsy devotes two chapters in God's People Make the Best Lovers to share God's secret of how a man can thrill to a chandelier-hanging orgasm every time.

Patsy explains that lovemaking originated within the mind of God—the same God who created beautiful sunsets and undersea wonders. And he devotes more space in the Bible to teaching how to delight in a lifetime of passionate lovemaking than to any other area of marriage--including subjection and leadership. Modern science is just now catching up with some of those secrets.

Most marriage problems involve a failure to grow up and to fully appreciate the mental and physical differences between men and women. Patsy's book, God's People Appreciate Marriage explores how masculinity and feminity balance, support, and value each other. It also includes a verse-by-verse study of the Song of Solomon, God's soulmating and lovemaking guide for passionate lovemaking.

You may find Patsy’s video "Is The Brain The Most Important Sexual Organ?" helpful.

About Patsy

Patsy Rae Dawson, an international marriage consultant, teaches from dual insights gained from mentoring both men and women for over 40 years and living in the real world. Her expertise ranges from the joys of soulmating to the beautiful sexual teachings of the Song of Solomon to the complex issues of difficult marriages. This gives Patsy a balanced approach to solving life's problems. Her ability to unlock the scriptures and challenge traditional views to impart hope makes her a popular speaker and author.

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This exciting volume deals with sexual love from a fresh perspective–the Bible. You’ll learn the key for a glorious orgasm for both the husband and the wife that science discovered only recently, but it has always been present in the Bible.

Patsy writes the Embarrass the Alligator Newsletter and hosts the God Loves Passionate Sex BlogTalkRadio program. Living in the real world, she often includes in presentations her signature piece When the Manure of Life Catches Fire. She makes applications from life to the story of how her dad turned a farming disaster into a record milo crop. She lives, writes, and speaks from Amarillo where she loves God’s Texas sun.

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