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Experiencing the love relationship of your life turn to ashes is excruciatingly painful.  Watching the high hopes and dreams for this precious relationship begin to fade and die is almost unbearable.  Starting out a great friends and passionate lovers, but finding yourself, instead, as cool roommates or vicious fighters is way beyond disappointing.  It is heart-breaking.  When my husband and I found ourselves in this desperate condition, we began searching for answers.  This answers included learning how to speak our truth to each other but with respect and compassion, It included drawing a line in the sand, so to speak, and committing ourselves to always treating each other with kindness. We chose solutions that worked for our step-family. Our love was reborn!  I know how to help you find solutions that meet the needs of both partners.  You really can navigate the tricky waters of a damaged relationship and find new skills and practices that encourage your relationship to thrive.  We did!  And through my classes, coaching and books I've seen many other couples thrive, as well. I also have personal experience with the process of learning how to remain healthy and sane when a dear loved one is a practicing addict.

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