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I got into the matchmaking business on a fluke. Over a decade ago, my husband had a friend who was taking over the management position at a video dating service, she offered me a job and my life took a whole new turn. I ended up going to work for an upscale Beverly Hills Matchmaking firm where I really learned the ropes and was able to help many couples find their soul mates and go on to get married. Before becoming a matchmaker, I was in and out of bad relationships, even marrying the wrong guys. Yes, you read correctly..... guys! I was a hopeless romantic, a little co-dependent and very impulsive. I did a lot of work on myself and learned what I needed to do to finally find and marry the right man for me. I believe that everyone wants that soul mate connection. The connection that makes life sparkle! I wrote about my adventures in my two memoirs, Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker &  Hearts on the Line. I am currently the matchmaker at The Dating Source, a matchmaking service for high end singles.  

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