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In my work, I am an Optimal Health Expert, Board Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Practitioner, AADP Certified, Certified in Hypnosis, Yoga & Restorative Yoga, fitness/dance trainer (www.howtobellydance.com), EFT, meditation and stress relief trainer and sleep improvement expert. I love to invite people suffering from chronic pain or stress to have a conversation and see about helping you find your balance and get your life back so you can live a full, rich and vibrant life. I am on a mission to help people overcome their physical challenges and attain their most optimal health. I offer audio and video training, small group counseling as well as one-on-one programs to help people move out of suffering and into the life they were meant to experience. I also lead a large group of health professionals, and conduct business trainings, brainstorming sessions and provide accountability and support for group members, with a focus on collaborative business practices. I'm the host of a blogtalk radio show and speak on many telesummits, radio shows and at events around the world about health & wellness as well as business. I am passionate about helping people get out of pain – I suffered with chronic migraines for DECADES and no one could help me until I finally was able to help myself, and now I’m migraine-free. I love that my work means people actually get to discover what life can feel like without pain, and I definitely remember what that felt like for me. I’m also an avid animal-protection activist and my work with animals as well as teaching yoga to seniors are things that truly give my life meaning. Sign up for my health news at www.balancedlifetoday.com or get some great free migraine downloads at www.balancedlifetoday.com/migraines.htm and read my articles on SelfGrowth: www.SelfGrowth.com/experts/Jana_Beeman.  

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