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“Your approach to food is your approach to life.” That’s my personal philosophy, and as lifelong food relationship enthusiast who has traveled extensively throughout North America, Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean, I am more widely acknowledged as The Food Relationship Coach™.  I know from experience how people and food collaborate and conspire to either uplift or take power away from each other. A graduate of Spelman College and Harvard University, I infuse my academic background in human development and psychology with my genuine interests in people and food to create offerings that have healed bodies, enhanced personal relationships, delighted palates and enlightened clients on a global scale.  Previously providing private and corporate chef services that offered direct access to my culinary prowess I began to incorporate those into one-on-one coaching, corporate team building activities, and signature Food Relationship workshops that help my clients enhance their personal Culinary Culture™ and help them see how their relationships with food manifests in their body and life goals. My reach continues to widen, as does my experience in food relationship coaching. Nationally, I've  hosted food relationship events in Atlanta, Washington D.C and New York, and have been called upon to consult with organizations such as Teach for America on team relationship building through culinary activities. The world is my home, and while I'm based between Atlanta and New York, I can and will be found wherever in the world conversations about the relational, energetic and spiritual effects of food are being had. If you want to know whether I'll be in your city soon, visit for my schedule.  I invite you to contact me so we can chat and help you Eat Consciously, Relate Honesly and Love Abundantly.

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