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Never in a million years did this Law of Attraction and Dating Coach expect to be a single 60-something, dating younger men and giving advice on sex and pleasure to men and women. ME! A former Catholic girl and Bible Study Teacher! When a much younger man became smitten with me, it took months of patience and persistence (thank goodness he hung in there) before I eventually allowed myself the pleasure of his attention.  And allow myself I did.  I call myself an Accidental Cougar because I didn't set out to be with a younger man nor did I have any idea how fun it is to date younger!

Soon I began working with a healer who opened up long blocked sexual channels.  Sexual energy is not the same as the sexual organs or sexual activity.  My entire view point on sex, pleasure and quality of life changed dramatically.  Now I combine my LOA (Law of Attraction) expertise with energy healing (EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique) and help singles develop charisma so they can meet great people when they date.

On my way to developing my coaching skills, I count the following as highlights:

Law of Attraction Love and Money Coach – Enabling passionate business owners to maximize their personal charisma in order to attract ideal clients, vendors, employees or customers so that money flows easily and supports them effortlessly. – Facilitating the transition from couple to single, through the divorce process to re-entering the dating scene. – Supporting singles over 50 to re-enter the dating game. -  The Latest in EFT (Tapping) and Law of Attraction Coaching


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