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A wearer of phenomenal shoes, drinker of fabulous wine and diviner of relationships Laura has an unending passion for helping others find and nurture love. Harnessing her natural Intuitive and Empathic skills along with her skills as a certified Master Life Coach Laura helps you to understand your relationships, the patterns that exist therein and guides you on how to move beyond those which limit you. Her readings are eerily accurate and her coaching is both empowering and wildly effective. Few understand the sometimes choppy waters of relationships more than Laura. If there was a mistake; she has made it. If there was a risk to take; she took it. And while her life is a testament to her trials and tribulations she has also worked hard on HERSELF to get to where she is today. Laura can help you get the love you desire because she has done the work herself. Happily married to the man of her dreams; Laura has spent the past 7 years showing herself and others that you can stop patterns in their tracks and start anew. Now the happy parents of two children (with a third on the way, due in November '14) Laura and her husband enjoy a romance most believe only possible in story-books. Learn how to bring forth the right person in your life using her tried and true method that brings lasting results! In addition to her natural abilities and life experience Laura has the following certifications: 2008-Metaphysician 2011-Past Life Therapist 2011- Law of Attraction Specialist 2012-Master Life Coach Currently Laura writes for OMTimes Magazine, Wild Sister & Psychic Guidepost on the topic of relationships. You can also catch Laura each Friday at 11 PM EST on Relationship Rebels Radio as she and her co-host and friend Lisa Moran host a round table discussion that often gets rather rowdy. With their blunt candor and surplus of moxie they seek to invite you to find your voice and take control of your love life!

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