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Want To Raise Great Kids? Stop Inflating Their Egos!

It's only natural that we want to tell our kids that everything they touch turns to gold. But there comes a time when constantly patting your children on the back will only cause them to have a sense of entitlement. If you want them to grow up with a healthy self-esteem, the endless stream of praises may have to be put on hold.

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Rock On, Girl: 80-Year-Old Dancer Schools Us On Life And Love

When Paddy and Nico walk onto the Britain's Got Talent stage, the usual sniggers erupt. She's a tiny, 80-year-old British woman, and he's very much not. But their skills and story will knock your socks off. Paddy gave up her life's passion for the love of her family, and it's a decision she doesn't regret for one minute. But when life through he a curveball, Paddy rolled with it and rediscovered her talent.

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I didn't know what love meant until I found her.
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I Lost My Mother To Breast Cancer But Ended Up Finding Myself

After my mother passed away after battling breast cancer for the second time, I felt like a part of me was missing. Overcome with wanderlust and a need to understand her and where she came from, I decided to take a trip. I thought that if I could get to know her through her roots, I'd find the part of me that collapsed when she died.

Amy's flash mob.
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Love-Flash Mob For Cancer Patient Will Heal Your Heart

Amy was first diagnosed with stage 3C metastatic ovarian cancer in October of 2012. Since then, she has battled the disease with surgery and chemotherapy. But her family's worst fears were proved true when her cancer returned, now resistant to traditional therapies. Amy's days on this earth are numbered, but in the time she has left, her friends and family wanted to show her how much love they have for her.

How To Be Happy: Is Your Mind is Stressing You Out?
Learning to be happy means learning to control your thoughts.
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Your Mind Is Not Your Enemy: 5 Tools To Help Yourself Relax

The mind can be used as a terrible weapon against ourselves, or find in it a loyal ally. Because we do not control the mind, most of us allow it to control us with it tending to swing back and forth, if not exactly heaven or hell, a lot of time is spent in purgatory. If you're tired of feeling this way, expert Laura B Young discusses how to be happy when your mind can't rest.

Growing Love: Four Reasons for Adoption

Growing Love: Four Reasons for Adoption

An unintended pregnancy can be an overwhelming, and often terrifying experience. Although there are many options, you ultimately have to decide what is right for you and your baby. With all the information on the internet, forums on the matter, friends you can talk to, it’s your decision, weigh the pros and cons, and find what you’re most comfortable with. For those that are thinking about adoption, here are five reasons it might be the route for you. 1 Opportunities

How Do I Help My Kid Get Over A Crush?
It's more than puppy love.

How Do I Help My Kid Get Over A Crush?

From the floating butterflies in your stomach to your sweaty palms, falling for someone new is a universal experience. Because of this, it's only natural to want to help your children put their best foot forward when it comes to confronting their crush. But what do you do when the heart racing feeling turns into heartache?

"It's been a while, so maybe I should stick to the English side of this book."
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We Came, We Saw, We Ate: My First Passover With My Boyfriend

I grew up under this false illusion that all Jews were as laid back about being Jewish as my family is, only to later find out my family was the exception, not the rule. This fact was brought to light when I attended my first (I hesitate to say "real" in case my Grandma can read this from beyond the grave, but you get the idea) Passover with my then boyfriend.