Dating? Gift Giving for the Holidays


Dating?  Gift Giving for the Holidays
The holidays can be a confusing time for those who are "just" dating.

I would like to buy you something special when it is the right time for me not because we find ourselves dating during the holidays. What are your thoughts and feelings about this?

Inviting Him/Her to Holiday Celebrations


...I am enjoying dating you and getting to know you. I want you to know that I feel awkward about being invited to holiday/family celebrations and parties and including you or not including you. It feels a little soon to be including you in family traditions and I am worried that I will hurt your feelings if I don’t invite you.

I want to invite you and include you when it feels right inside for me to do that, not because all these opportunities are coming up because it is Christmas/Hanukah time and because I feel worried about your reaction. This whole conversation is very difficult for me to have right now. What are your thoughts and feelings about any of this?

Your job is still your job…to identify what you need or want, figure out what the words are so you say exactly what you mean and find the courage inside to tell your truth to the best of your ability at any given moment to the people in your life.

If you have a special circumstance you would like some feedback about, please email me and I’ll be happy to work this out with you.

Remember, only YOU can make it happen!


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