14 Things That Lead To A Sexless Marriage

14 Things That Lead To A Sexless Marriage

14 Things That Lead To A Sexless Marriage


Sex is a part of marriage. It's not the most important part in the overall life of the relationship, but it does play a role. There are countless articles and posts on how to improve your sex life, or guaranteed ways to knock his/her socks off in bed, but what about the articles about how to ruin your sexlife, specifically your spouse's sex life?

It’s really not all that difficult to ruin sex – and if this is your goal, simply follow these suggestions and you’re sure to end up in a barren, sexless marriage that’ll allow both of you to feel isolated and alone.

Sex is easy to mess up due to the feelings often associated with it being so vulnerable and tied the core of who we are. Our sexuality is affected so easily by self-esteem, emotional insecurities, pressures, criticisms, and expectations. But what follows isn't based on these issues, instead let's focus on technique and several things you should do before, during, and after sex.


To effectively ruin sex for your spouse, follow these steps:

1. Expect sex simply because you’re married. Every marriage partner should fulfill their marital “duty” therefore they owe you sex. It’s one of the benefits of being married. They said “I do” to you – so they should “do you.”

2. Have sex the same time and place every week. This way neither of you will have to wonder when or how sex will occur. “Saturday night – 9:30 p.m. in the bed.” Just like clock work – who really wants spontaneity and chance when it comes to their sex life?

3. Follow the routine each time. Be sure to follow the same steps and plays each time. It’s way too much work to come up with different things to do together. And after all, variety and spice aren’t necessary for sex, right?

4. Be sure to be intoxicated so you can loosen up. After all, sex is really only about you. If your drinking is a turn off to your spouse, tough. If they love you then they’ll just have to get over it.

5. Only touch your spouse with the goal of sex in mind. Who really needs non-sexual touch? Save the hugs, kisses, holding hands crap for the build up to the deed. That way your partner will clearly know that sex and touch go hand in hand. No chance for missed signals or misunderstandings. How great would that be?

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