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Theresa Caputo, the self-professed "Long Island Medium" of TLC stardom, holding her head in her hands and looking shocked
"Long Island Medium" Theresa Caputo is about as real as her nails.
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"Long Island Medium" Skeptics Are As Much Of A Sham As She Is

A new book threatens to reveal the secret behind The Long Island Medium. That is ridiculous, because there is no secret behind the Long Island Medium. But before you think I'm buying her bull, too, let me explain: I'm not saying that I believe Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo actually talks to dead people, I'm saying that Caputo's doing a very old and common parlor trick called "cold reading," in which people like soothsayers, mentalists and, yes, mediums trick audience members and listeners that they know much mo

The president and first lady.
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Letters From Jackie O. To Priest Document Love, Grief and Pain

33 personal letters from the late Jackie Kennedy are soon to be put up to auction at Sheppard's Irish Auction House, in Durrow, Ireland. Jackie spent years writing to Father Joseph Leonard, a Dublin priest. Spanning across the years, from 1950-1964, the letters detail the first lady's love for her husband, her frustration and pain over his affairs, and her incredible grief at his death.

On Grief, Faith and Marriage:  This Film Gets It
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On Grief, Faith and Marriage: This Film Gets It

Director: Felix van Groeningen, Screenwriters: Carl Joes and Felix van Groeningen 2012, 112 minutes, Netherlands, Belgium Many people reach out to a therapist when they are facing a crisis or a tragedy and therefore at their most vulnerable.  While conflicts and challenges related to religious faith are not at the forefront of my daily work as a clinician, I notice that when a crisis or tragedy relates to matters of life and death, conflicts about religious faith often come into play.  Sometimes a parent wants a grieving child to embrace a faith they never em

Coping with the Loss of a Partner: Four Things to Remember

Coping with the Loss of a Partner: Four Things to Remember

One of the hardest experiences anyone can possibly deal with in life is coping with the loss of a partner. It is a devastating tragedy that can be debilitating. However, there are four things to remember if you lose your partner. Grieving Takes Time The first thing you need to know is that there is no time limit on long you have to go through the grieving process. Every person is different. You may take as long as you need to grieve even when you find the strength to return to your normal activities.

Staying Safe Processing Grief After Abortion - Step Five
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Staying Safe Processing Grief After Abortion - Step Five

Staying safe in the process of working through grief after abortion can be very difficult.  Safety is very important though.  Everyone grieves differently.  Anne Morrow Lindbergh (who lost a child to kidnapping) once said, “Grief can’t be shared.  Everyone shares it alone, his own burden, his own way.”  Know that other women are also sharing abortion grief like you.  You are not alone, but you may need to be alone to process your “vp

 Understanding What’s Normal after Abortion - Step Two
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Understanding What’s Normal after Abortion - Step Two

There is an implication that abortion will bring closure when we choose it.  Abortion does bring closure to the crisis we are in.  We get on with the business of living and we file the decision away as anything from 'barely a blip on the radar screen,' to 'I’m really sad and I feel like dying.'   You may have had these two opposing mind-sets either simultaneously or as single thoughts zooming through your head at random times.  For the most part, it is normal if you

bode miller cry
An NBC Reporter pushed Bode Miller to tears with invasive questions about his late brother
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Bode Miller: What To Say (& Not Say) To Someone Who's Grieving

After winning the bronze in the men's Super-G, Bode Miller found himself face-to-face with an interviewer who just wouldn't shut up about the death of his brother. Whether you're interviewing for a story or are simply privy to a special event in someone's life, here's what you should and shouldn't say to a person who's just lost a loved one.

grieving process
Instead of calling his dealer, he could have picked up the phone and called for help.

Like All Addicts, Philip Seymour Hoffman Did Have A Choice

I have a pattern when it comes to stories about celebrities who overdose. The day the news breaks, I scan the headlines. I react with a mix of sadness and disgust—and familiarity, as I was raised by two addicts. But in cases like Philip Seymour Hoffman's death, I'm not interested in the 'juicy' details. My eyes scan these stories looking for the little people: the kids left behind.

Grief And Loss: Philip Seymour Hoffman
Mr. Hoffman's struggles seem familiar. Photo: imdb
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Mourning Philip Seymour Hoffman & Numbing Our Pain

The grief and loss of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has prompted us to consider the ways we deal with our biggest fears and insecurities. Whether you're battling addiction to drugs, alcohol, food, shopping or any other medium, ask yourself this difficult question: Are you numbing your experience to both the good and the bad?

Effective Communication: Talking About Grief With Downton Abbey
You may not live in a castle, but you can definitely relate to Lady Mary's grief.
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When You Lose A Loved One: Lessons From Downton Abbey

Grief is something we all experience in our lifetimes, just like our favorite characters in Downton Abbey. But if we focus on working through it instead of trying to "get over" it, and work on effective communication with the people in our life, we can find happiness again. Spoilers ahead!

Redefining Grief - Understanding Grief During a Divorce
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Redefining Grief - Understanding Grief During a Divorce

Grieving can be a confusing process.  It’s not as simple as feeling sad, it’s actually a lot of emotions all mixed up.  Sorrow, guilt, freedom, anger, fear, relief … these are just a few of the feelings that we may experience.  It’s not even as simple as someone dying.  We grieve many things in our lifetime.  Moving, the death of a pet, retirement, the end of an addiction, a loss of trust and the end of a marriage or a relationship are all moments in which we experience grief.