Romantic Mocha Breakfast Fondue For 2


Romantic Mocha Breakfast Fondue For 2
What famous meal involves a woman kissing the man seated next to her?

Romantic Mocha Breakfast Fondue For 2
By Zoe Rogers

Traditionally, if a woman seated at the fondue table drops her dipping food into the pot, she has to kiss the man seated nearest to her.


If a man drops his…well, if it was cheese fondue, he has to buy the next bottle of wine.
But, since this Mocha Fondue takes center stage for breakfast, you and your Fondue partner will have to make your own tradition for what he needs to do!

One of the most romantic meals for a couple to partake in is Fondue. The fondue table as it is called, is all about the ritual of sharing the fondue and eating together, and this delectable, Mocha Fondue is a sumptuous, molten union of what chocolate lovers yearn for, and contemporary coffee culture chases after.

In my recipe, the dip, swirl, one-bite ritual is paired with stylish, lilliputian breakfast treats and accompanied by luscious fruits—which are perfectly proportioned for the fondue-to-dipping-foods ratio—altogether you have an enchantingly romantic breakfast for two for the ultimate Fondue experience.

Miniature sweets are in vogue, and more and more shops are carrying them. Not only are breakfast items available in miniature form, so are dessert items such as Mini Cannoli, Mini Brownies, Mini Meringues and more!

Ready in a heartbeat, this fondue uses only 3 ingredients, and the petites breakfast bites I suggest for dipping foods are all readily available at the supermarket or bakery, and the fruits take very little time to slice into bite-sized pieces.

If you prefer, you can simply cut larger forms of any of these breakfast goodies into bite-sized pieces, for example, a Croissant cut into 1-inch slices, or a Cinnamon Coffeecake cut into 1-inch cubes.

I recommend using fresh fruits in your Dipping Foods selection, but if you would like dried fruits, in addition to, or instead of the fresh, try Dried Apple Slices or Dried Apricots, both are wonderful with this Fondue.

Even though you and your Sweetie will be indulging in this Mocha Fondue for breakfast, by all means still serve it by candlelight—before the rose-pink light of dawn—and enjoy it before sunrise.

Romantic Mocha Breakfast Fondue For 2:

Serves 2


Choose 6 items from this Dipping Foods list, for a tasty variety and inviting presentation:

  • Mini Muffins
  • Mini Doughnuts or Doughnut Holes
  • Mini Waffles (Available in supermarket frozen aisle)
  • Mini Cinnamon Buns
  • Mini Croissants
  • Mini Cinnamon Coffeecakes
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Fresh Banana Slices
  • Fresh Pineapple Slices
  • Fresh, Seedless Orange Segments
  • Fresh, Pitted Cherries
  • Fresh Mango Slices
  • Fresh Kiwi Slices
  • Fresh Pear Slices
  • Fresh Star Fruit Slices


Makes 1½ cups Mocha Fondue

¾ cup whipping cream

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