All You Need Is LOVE - On Demand!


All You Need Is LOVE - On Demand!'ve been searching for love your whole life - the "right" kind. Get what you want and when.

Mastering the Art of Feeling Good Intro Series: Part-5

Haven't we all spent most of our lives seeking love? More specifically, seeking the love from those we want it from, in the ways we want to get it from them? Or maybe you've searched high and low for that One Special Love Relationship in your life that you hope will make your life forever complete.


People do experience love from others in their lives. The problem is, it's not always recognized because of the packaging. It's not easy to accept love if it doesn't look like the expression that you're expecting.

Sometimes those we expect to love us the most, disappoint us when we're in "need" and they don't show up to fill it. Love seems to elude us in times of great desire, making Life seem so unfair. So, how do we Master the Art of Feeling Good if we can't fill our every need for love?

It's quite simple actually. You can experience Love On-Demand whenever you want and here's how...

  1. Understand that everyone is doing the best they can in any given moment. You never know what's going on with someone else mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually that may not allow them to give You what you need at the time.
  2. Stop expecting others to express love in the exact "package" of your expectation. No-one is a mind-reader. No-one is you. Examine your own expectations and don't match them to what the television or society is telling you. Give a good look at reality on your own. What you see is not always what is. The human condition creates the great pretenders, so don't compare your life to what you see others doing without further investigation.
  3. Deep meditation allows a person to become self-obvious and to tap into the absolute love and wellbeing of the universe. This experience allows you the ultimate feelings of love, care, peace and more, right from inside yourself. (Find out how to meditate in the book.)
  4. Taking action to offer love and kindness to others, without expecting anything in return, generously rewards the doer with the overwhelming experience of love, gratitude and often reciprocation - it feels SO good!

As human beings, we have the tendency to attach to the illusion of our separateness because our minds are confined within one body. When, in fact, we are spiritual beings first and foremost, which is our connectedness to each other within the life source itself. So when you need love, and want it on-demand, the paradox is that you can give it and have in the same instance. Want to feel good?

Find out more details of this paradoxal concept by checking out the chapter called "What's Love Got to Do With It? in my new book, Mastering the Art of Feeling Good.

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