5 Places To Meet a Guy On Halloween


5 Places To Meet a Guy On Halloween
Trick or treat?

Halloween isn't just a holiday for kids. While it might not be acceptable for adults to go door to door asking for candy, you can bring something even better home...a hot guy's number! Here are the 5 best places to meet a guy on Halloween.

1. A costume party. Costume parties are a great place to meet eligible bachelors since people tend to be a bit more uninhibited when they are dressed up as someone else. Embrace this new found confidence and approach that hot guy dressed up as a six pack of beer or cute "Doctor" standing in the corner.

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2. Trick or treating. Go get your own kind of treat! If you don't have kids of your own, offer to tag along with a friend and her children when they go trick or treating. You just might bump into a cute uncle or single dad out with their little ones who are in need of some adult interaction.

3. The bookstore. If you're not feeling particularly festive this Halloween, hiding out in a bookstore or coffee shop is the best way to both avoid your ringing door bell at home AND meet a sexy stranger. You won't be the only one who wasn't in the mood to dress up, hit a party or hand out candy.

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4. The movies. Going to a late night showing of a classic horror film or scary movie is one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween that doesn't involve glitter or copious amounts of snickers. Snag a seat next to a handsome guy and ask him if this is the first time he's seen Friday the 13th. Bonus points if you get scared and grab onto his arm!

5. The dog park. It's not as random as it sounds, promise! Many dogs get freaked out by a constantly ringing doorbell and kids dressed up in costumes, so some pooch owners prefer to get them away from the madness. Enter, the dog park! Leash up your favorite puppy and hit the dog park or beach. There is a great chance that other solo dog owners will be doing the same. Strike up a conversation while the doggies play.

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