Are You Willing to Work For Love?


Are You Willing to Work For Love?
3 things you can do, starting TODAY to start working for love!

I’m a big believer in universal energy. I believe that everything in the universe is on loan to us to leverage as we need. I believe that we are born to love and born to be loved. I believe that it is EVERYONE’S divine right to experience rich, gorgeous, healthy, sustainable love.

But what I don’t believe is that all you need to do is sit around and wait for it to come. I don’t believe that if you simply wish upon a star or throw a penny in a fountain, that a prince on white horse will come your way.


Rather I believe that like any other success in life, you got to put in to get out. Ask any happily-ever-after couple if they stayed cooped up in their apartment, simply wishing. They will all tell you “no.” They will tell you that they had to put in work, that they had to take risks, that they had to get hurt and get back up again. And that it was all worth it.
So on this here Labor Day, ask yourself, “are you working for your love life?” Are you doing all that you can to get what it is that you want? Are you in your love journey, or are you wishing upon the stars?

Here are 3 things you can do, starting TODAY to start working for love:

1. Know what you want. Get realistic and honest with yourself about what you want in a partner. Not what you think you should want, but what you actually want. If you aren’t clear on what it is that you desire, how will you know where to go to find it, let alone if you bump into it.

2. Become dateable. Examine yourself as a prospective date on the other side of the dinner table – would you want to date you? If not, do the work to become what you would want to date. Does that mean taking a little more care to groom? Does it mean emanating spark for life? Does it mean unpacking some of your baggage so you don’t feel like a heavy burden?

3. Get out of your office, your apartment, your yoga classes. Love doesn’t knock on closed doors and that’s exactly what your door is if you are limiting your life to routine. Sign up for a co-ed softball team, venture to a beer garden festival, read teh sunday paper at a coffee shop instead of having it delivered. Do something to different to see and feel something different.

If you need help creating and executing on a plan to work for love, I’m your girl! Everyday I work with smart, beautiful, successful women to help them get over love hurdles and onto a path towards healthy love. Let me work for you so that you can create the love life that you want, that you deserve. All new clients will receive 20% off of any service (including packages and gift certificates). Simply enter HEARTSTART at checkout and your discount will automatically be applied. I look forward to helping you achieve your love goals!

Live and love largely,

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